Tikanga Youth Synod: Equipping for Synod

Carey Park Christian Camp
397 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson


Young people make invaluable contributions to communities and are empowered themselves when they participate and we all work together. Tikanga Youth Synod (TYS) is both a forum to train and empower young people to engage in partnership, and to put that knowledge into immediate practice.

TYS in 2018 will include introductory sessions with engaging speakers and experts from all Three-Tikanga of our Church to make plain the means by which our Church makes decisions, as well as forum spaces to tackle issues that are relevant to young people and the wider Church with avenues identified beyond TYS to influence real outcomes at local through to national and provincial levels.

The Tikanga Toru Youth Commission's aims for TYS and more widely are that:

  • young people are consulted about their ideas and opinions.
  • young people can research and be informed about issues that affect their lives.
  • young people can plan or lead community and church activities or events.
  • young people have a voice at and take part in our adult-defined decision-making bodies such as vestries, Diocesan Synods and General Synod / Te Hinota Whanui.

And that in all these things we work as one across cultures, across Tikanga, and across nations.


The Tikanga Toru Youth Commission and our Three-Tikanga Youth Ministry Network are committed to ensuring the relationships we form and our discussions are translated into action on the ground; we look forward to working with you to make this happen.

Carey Park Christian Camp,
397 Henderson Valley Road,
Henderson Valley,


Start: 5:00PM, Friday 9 February

End: 1:30PM, Sunday 11 February

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Tikanga Youth Synod is mainly aimed at ages 16 and up. For those under the age of 18 we ask that they be partnered with a mentor from their Tikanga. Get in touch with your Diocesan or Hui Amorangi Youth Coordinator if you would like to attend as representatives need to be endorsed by their Diocese/Hui Amorangi with 15 spaces available to each Tikanga. You will have to arrange and cover your own travel but we will cover food and accommodation with transport available from and to Auckland Airport. Please note that participants will need to bring their own bedding.

What is Tikanga Youth Synod?

TYS consists of up to 15 representatives from each Tikanga of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. It is a forum to discuss important issues affecting young people and the Church, build and strengthen relationships across Tikanga, and figure out steps we can take for advocacy and action on the ground.

Its functions include:

  • Electing six members of the Tikanga Toru Youth Commission.
  • Receiving reports from the Tikanga Toru Youth Commission.
  • Informing the Tikanga Toru Youth Commission in its developing of a vision and setting of strategy for Three-Tikanga Youth Mininstry.